This week in Nangu – #3

Welcome to another episode of “This week in Nangu” 🤗. To kick things off, here is an update on our social media statistics. As of today, 433 people have joined us on Facebook and 70 people are part of our Instagram community. Welcome, if you have recently joined us on our journey!

This week in Nangu – #2

Welcome to our weekly update! We’re now in the middle of May and first of all hope that you are well! At Nangu, we currently work fully distributed with Francisco based in Costa Rica, Ruben in France and Nikolai in The Netherlands. Because of Covid, there are things we can not currently do, like exploring potential plots of land. At the same time, it allows us to focus on other areas in our journey towards the first Nangu village, like defining our governance model. In short, we’re adapting to the current reality.