We restore degraded land and turn it into productive food forests through a network of purpose driven organizations that grow, process and distribute forest products to eco ethical markets

Our vision is to establish regenerative villages that grow food, medicine, and materials in productive forests that heal degraded land.

Through a network of purpose-driven organizations, we bring forest products to mindful local and international enjoyers.

Nangu is a platform that guides and empowers new communities around the world to regenerate earth, our relationships and our economy.

Our team

Francisco Grau

Project-lead and Systems Thinker

Nikolai Onken

Project-lead and Operations

Itai Hauben

Agro Ecology expert

Ruben Daniels

Visionary and Governance

Karl Hütt

Comunications Expert

Sabrina Baron Cohen


Bram Van der Lecq

Governance Lead

Paul Bernstein

Governance Consultant

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Our core values

We are a values driven organization.
These core values guide our thoughts and actions.


Regenerate the soil, regenerate ecosystems, regenerate our relationships and regenerate our businesses. Regeneration is the name of the game.


If it doesn’t feel fair, something needs to change. Fairness is the compass to check if things are going in the right direction. Fairness is the glue that keeps people together.

Abundance for all

All members of the network should have a fair compensation for their contributions. Humans sharing profit and wildlife having a healthy home.

Radical transparency

Individuals have a right to privacy, organizations don’t. Transparency keeps us honest. It is the building block to create trust.


Transparency without clarity is misleading. Making sure that we say what we mean is also key to create a culture of trust.

Think 7 generations

We see ourselves as stewards of this Earth. Our generation has the responsibility of leaving the planet in a better shape than how we got it.

Build healthy relationships

Conflict resolution is key for groups to work together. Building healthy relationships goes one step further in order to build resilient and multigenerational communities.

Deep Fulfilment

Meaningful work, a healthy environment to grow, strong bonds, time to rest, living with dignity,a culture of respect, nutritious food and a sense of purpose. Is it too much to ask?


Humans are social beings. Balancing collective and individual needs is an art. To thrive as a group, cooperation is a must.

Democratic ownership / Worker owned

Ownership and decision making should be in the hands of those doing the hard work. Founders and investors should be for guidance and support not full control.

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Nangu update #5

Amazing people joining the core team and governance epiphanies are getting us closer to a working model for Nangu. Grateful and excited in our journey!

Nangu Update #4

It is time to share another Nangu update! I hope that you are all doing well and that you are healthy. As I am writing this from my home-office in Amsterdam, today will be a super warm day here, 27°C ☀️, I am looking forward to enjoying some of the great weather later today.

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